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Privacy policy

Date of publication/update: December 29th 2017

Welcome to our website www.zagrebfoodtours.com (hereinafter ‘website’) which is owned by ‘Karmela Karlović’ (herein ‘Karmela Karlović’).

On accessing the website you need not submit any personal information, however, by providing your information to us, you agree that any information submitted to Karmela Karlović will be stored, used and published as in compliance with this Privacy Statement. Before accessing or using our website please read this Privacy Statement until the end.

We may collect your personal information through your visits to our website, when you provide your information upon payment, when you submit information through a contact form or through any other activities on our website. When necessary we ask our users to supply us with their name, email address and phone number. You may access our website without submitting personal information. We collect our users’ personal information only if supplied by them willingly. Users are always free to restrain from submitting their personal information, in which case they will not be able to use the contents and services provided by our website.

Karmela Karlović is committed to protecting personal information of its users by collecting only essential, basic information on customers/users which are necessary for the fulfilment of our obligations, to inform its customers/users on the way of using the collected information and to enable them on a regular basis to decide on the use of these information. Customers/users may at any time ask for a copy of their personal information, ask for the data to be edited or deleted from the database which is utilized for obtaining information on services provided by Karmela Karlović.
All customers/users information are safely protected and may be accessed only by Karmela Karlović as to enable us to perform their tasks, as well as by our business partners by which aid you may completely utilize our services, as in compliance with the below quoted terms. Karmela Karlović and the business partners are committed to the Privacy Statement principles.


On accessing our website, you provide to us, we store the following personal information:

1.1. Personal information willingly submitted when using one of Karmela Karlović services


  • Karmela Karlović shall use customers’ personal information to improve the user support. Information obtained from you help us meet your requirements and needs efficiently.
  • In addition to that we shall utilise your feedback to improve our services and products.
  • Personal information referring to your identity on the website may include your name and email address so that you may send us inquiries through the contact form.
  • The online purchase of tickets for the tours may be accessed through an online purchasing system on our website under wwww.braintreepayments.com where you will be asked to submit personal information including your name, email address and phone number. These information or part of them such as the name, surname shall be available to Karmela Karlović for the purpose of taking evidence and the identification of the attendees.
  • Braintree Payments processes personal information according to their Privacy Policy.


  • Karmela Karlović shall use your email only to better prepare for the tours and have a personalized approach to the organisation of the latter, to remind you of the date of the tour, payment or tour cancellation.
  • When you provide your email address directly to us or through a contact form on our website, entailing your personal information by which you may be identified, we shall use them solely to comply with your requests. If your question has to be answered by a third party (partner or supplier) we shall forward only your question without disclosing your personal information.
1.2. General information which cannot be directly linked to your identity
  • General information can among others imply the IP address, the approximate location and time of your visit to the website. However, these information can by no means be directly linked to your identity.
  • On log-in to our website the system shall place ‘cookies’ allowing you the receipt of custom information from a website. A ‘Cookie’ is a file containing an identifier that is sent by a web server to your web browser and can be stored by the browser, and it is used for a more qualitative and simplified usability of the website.
  • Third party ‘cookies’ are utilised for obtaining statistical information on the number of visits to and the use of our website www.zagrebfoodtours.com. The collected information include the user’s IP address, information on the browser, language, operational system and other standard statistical information which are collected and analysed in an exclusively anonymous and mass mode.
  • The webpage www.zagrebfoodtours.com applies the Google Analytics statistics. More information on third party ‘cookies’ may be found on Google Analytics.
  • If you do not approve of the use of ‘cookies’ you may easily delete (or block) them on your computer or mobile device through the settings of your web browser. More information on administrating cookies may be found on the webpage of your web browser or on www.allaboutcookies.org.


Personal information collected by us will be used for the purposes of providing the best services to you. In this sense we may use your personal information to:

  • identify you as the user of www.zagrebfoodtours.com
  • connect with the purchasing system and financial transaction on
  • identify you as the owner of the tickets
  • improve the quality of our website and prevent possible malversations
  • general information cannot be linked to you for which reason Karmela Karlović may utilise them for diverse legal purposes.


Karmela Karlović shall not sell, change nor lease our customer’s personal information to third parties since their safety is most important to us. We appreciate the importance of the privacy and safety of your personal information or data on your computer. We treat them as ‘personal data’. However, circumstances may arise in which a third party might have access to your information, such as:

  • In case Karmela Karlović acting as a party in business transitions such as mergers and acquisitions, abolishment, liquidation or selling of the whole or part of the property, your personal information shall not be part of the property that has been transferred.
  • With money transactions via website you provide your transaction data to a third party which is a partner to Karmela Karlović (such as the online ticket sales service, payment transaction services, financial institutions or technical support). The quoted third party is authorised to utilise personal information only for the sole purpose of the money transaction.
  • When sharing personal information with the sales staff or business partners, personal information are protected by a restrictive data confidentiality agreement. Companies engaged by us for services support or sales staff must accept our standards on privacy protection. Our employees who have access to confidential customer data are required by the business policy of our company not to utilize or disclose personal information for any other purposes than business purposes.
  • Karmela Karlović is bound to respect and abide by the laws in force and when ordered by the applicable laws, court decisions, legitimate governmental requests or to protect against harm to our rights or property Karmela Karlović shall provide necessary personal information to legal authorities as to protect the safety of the users or other persons.

4. Changes to this Privacy Statement

Karmela Karlović retains the right to revise or supplement this Privacy Statement or any part of it at any time and without any prior notification. We encourage you to regularly review the Privacy Statement because of possible amendments.