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Brunch & Wine Tasting Tour

From60 EUR
From60 EUR
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What is ‘Gablec’ aka ‘Marenda’? No clue?
Join us, we have the right ‘dictionary’ you need!

Zagreb Brunch and Wine Tasting Tour has all you need to experience local ‘food supply chain’ and learn about/taste indigenous Croatian wines, paired with finger food.

First, we make slow paced insight at largest Zagreb farmers’ market (local name is ‘Dolac’). This market has dual purpose in city life. You go there to buy fresh ingredients for home cooked meal, and hope to meet someone familiar to socialize during coffee time, when you’re done with groceries shopping.

When we finish walking inside and outside of Dolac market, we’ll continue to ‘Kuhaona’ – cooking studio where short cooking class will give you more details on Croatian brunch culture (local names are ‘gablec’ or ‘marenda’). Food you prepare and eat at Kuhaona is pretext for your next endeavour – wine tasting. We’ll walk to one of most charming wine cellars in Zagreb’s Upper town. Take your seat, fasten your seatbelt, ‘wine flights’ are starting…


Every day (except Sunday) @ 10.00 AM


In front of the Tourist Information Centre
Address: Ban Jelačić Square 11, 10000 Zagreb

How long?

2.5 hours

Number of people?

Minimum 2, maximum 8 people

And the price?

60 EUR adults and 55 EUR kids (age 12-17)
For private tour 90 EUR adults and 80 EUR kids (age 12-17)

Your food expert will be...

Karmela Karlović, foodie
Balance in life is easy to achieve: love people, animals, plants and food. I combined my love with passion for travel. Best thing is: I live my ideas – come and meet me, and I will take you to a journey full of tasty food, Croatian way.

What to expect?

First stop is Zagreb farmers’ market (Dolac) where we walk through enclosed part (dairy market, butcher shops, delicatessen, bakery…), then we stroll in open-air part where stalls are full of seasonal produce, honey, olive-oil,… Last but not least, we peak inside fish market and check how locals buy fresh catch (farmed and wild fish).

In Kuhaona – culinary studio near Dolac market, you will put you aprons and learn how to prepare delicious Continental and Dalmatian brunch. Fresh cheese with cream and kulen salami, fried sardines or black cuttlefish risotto will be just a fragment of your Croatian brunch.

After tasty brunch, we are going to wine-bar and shop located in Zagreb’s Upper town for food and wine tasting. In easygoing and relaxed atmosphere you will sample: 4 indigenous Croatian wines (2 white, 2 red, 1dcl per glass), paired with local finger food: prosciutto, cheese, olive-oil and bread.